Special Procedures Operating Room

James H. Quillen Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Mountain Home, TN

Special Procedures Operating Room

SCOPE OF WORK: PCG served as the prime contractor for this Design-Build project to engineer and construct a Special Procedures Hybrid Operating Room located within the sterile core of the Surgical Wing of Building 200. This project completed the site preparation necessary for the installation of Philips Allura FD20 FlexMove with AD7 Table, 3 Maquet light booms, and 2 surgical booms. The Special Procedures Room will function as an Operating Room Suite, Interventional Radiology procedure room, and Cath Lab procedure room. PCG performed the:

  • Demolition of interior finishes
  • Modification of utilities systems necessary to support new equipment and space requirements, including power, lighting, plumbing, architectural, structural, and HVAC modifications (such as HORD system/Laminar air curtain, and stainless steel duct back to HEPA filtration)
  • Construction of metal stud walls, including the installation of lead lining for radiation protection
  • Installation of lead windows (where necessary) and structural support systems, and performance of all test and balance reports
  • Installation of all Level 5 drywall finishes

The PCG team coordinated all shutdowns, equipment deliverables, and installation schedules. Once all new equipment was in place, PCG built-in the new architectural elements to match the existing style and finishes of current hospital décor. Components of the project that were subcontracted were the HVAC equipment installation and the electrical wiring. Infectious Control was a major part of construction at all times, as there were adjacent operating rooms being used during the construction process.

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