Reservoir Shoreline Restoration

U. S. National Park Service

Ridgeland, MS

Reservoir Shoreline Restoration

SCOPE OF WORK: Restoration and stabilization of two areas on the Ross Barnett Reservoir along the Natchez Trace Parkway.  In preparation for the work, a silt fence and Type-II Turbidity curtain were placed all along the shoreline to contain the silt during construction.  Also, PCG installed a temporary gravel-covered dirt access road for the trucks and materials to be brought in. Finally, all the trees within the area of construction were protected.

The restoration began with filling and compacting 12-inch lifts along the shoreline. Next, non–woven geotextile fabric was installed on the fill, and stapled with 100% biodegradable pins. Rip-Rap was placed above the geotextile fabric, to an elevation of 30” from the average Rip-Rap elevation. Next, a 100% bio-degradable, Bio-Roll was fixed in-place with stakes all along the shoreline. Finally, a 100% bio-degradable, 8 foot-wide erosion control blanket was installed. PCG replaced areas as required with fill and topsoil, and drilled new seed, fertilizer, and hay.

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