Highway Slide Rehabilitation and Earth Anchoring

Mississippi Department of Transportation

Woodville, MS

Highway Slide Rehabilitation and Earth Anchoring

SCOPE OF WORK: Paramount provided the labor, materials and equipment to repair a highway slide along the south side of Highway 24, two miles west of Woodville, Mississippi. The first requirement was the clearing of small and large vegetation within the work area, and the reshaping and grading of the highway banks to a uniform slope. A geotechnical engineer then provided borings and reports that assisted in choosing an anchoring system for the project.

The ArmorMax percussion driven earth anchor (PDEA) system was chosen – this was the first instance of its use in Mississippi. The Paramount Team undercut the loose areas next to the highway, back-filled with select fill dirt, and installed the woven mat and anchoring system. The PDEA system was anchored into the ground by MaxD hammer drills to permanently hold the mat in place. This was then graded-over and seeded. Rip Rap check dams were also involved in the scope of the project.

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