The Paramount Construction Group Health & Safety Program was developed to serve PCG with our diverse involvement in various construction markets and endeavors. PCG’s first commitment is to maintain safe, healthful and productive work environments for our employees on all our job sites.

Our Safety slogan, SAFETY IS ESSENTIAL, serves as a constant reminder that the prevention of injuries is more than just good business, it is our moral obligation. For us, Safety is a VALUE.  Our values determine our priorities, and our priorities influence our behaviors.

All supervisory personnel receive a personal copy of the Health & Safety Program in order to educate them on the fundamental importance of holding ourselves and each other accountable for practicing recognized safe work procedures. The PCG Health & Safety Program establishes safety guidelines and standards for managers, supervisory personnel and employees. It outlines employee and supervisor training, assigns team responsibilities, and details standard procedures for hazard evaluation.  The Health & Safety Program also defines injury prevention requirements for work sites, and protocol for accident investigation, drug and alcohol testing, program enforcement, and record keeping.

PCG understands that Safety is about PEOPLE.

OSHA hour logosIt is because our employees are our most valuable assets that we insist on their active participation in preserving their health and the health of their colleagues. Employees are safeguarded through training and provision of appropriate work surroundings, and are held to strict compliance of all federal, state, local, and company policies and procedures. Also, all field employees are required to complete a 10-hour or 30-hour OSHA Construction Safety Training Course (ANSI/IACET Approved), dependent upon their level of responsibility on the job site.

There is no job or opportunity so urgent that we cannot take the time or expense to follow our Health & Safety Program and conduct the work safely. Because we believe so strongly in this, we contractually require that our subcontractor partners provide their employees with a safe and healthy place to work. The protection of our employees, property, the public and the environment is essential to the efficient and successful completion of every construction project we undertake.

SAFETY IS ESSENTIAL for our overall success.